Modern designer kitchens

100% Italian manufacture, top-quality materials and great flexibility for making compositions: these are the main features of Valdesign kitchens. The modern designer kitchen has become our favourite place to get together and enjoy the best moments of our daily life, thanks to the solidity of the materials and perfect ergonomics of its custom size.

Furniture for a designer kitchen

The kitchen, more than any other room in the house, is the place that you can personalise and interpret according to the demands of your daily life. Starting with the materials and finishes of the carcasses, which enable you to create total furnishing by combining them with Alf DaFrè furniture for the living area, other materials come into play in the kitchen, like those for tops and upstands. This means there are endless possible combinations, especially if they are finished off with fittings like pull-out, up-and-over or concealed shelves and latest generation domestic appliances. 

Here at Valdesign we are always improving and updating our modern designer kitchens, equipping them with the latest technical and technological solutions in terms of hardware and carcasses and also the frame. For example, in our modern kitchens we use new, ever more compact, mechanisms for tilt opening, larger tall units and wall units to meet new requirements, more robust carcasses and more generous internal storage: all of this is Valdesign. 

Kitchen with linear design

Suitable for contemporary homes, Valdesign kitchens have a modern, clean and linear design. The doors of our designer linear kitchens respond to simple, minimalist tastes, constructing a refined yet welcoming environment. The finishes to choose from add warmth or light to spaces, thanks to the use of a mixture of lacquers, woods and cements. Each Valdesign modern kitchen collection stands out for its particular technical characteristics, designed to meet our different living requirements. 

We pay particular attention to details, even those that are less visible, with paints and lacquers that are top quality and hardwearing over time. Each unit in the modern kitchens comes with top-quality hardware to ensure long-lasting reliability. These include snap-in hinges with assisted closing for the doors and soft-close runners for the drawers.