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A furniture company that shapes the way we live
Francenigo / Cordignano / Vallonto / Milan
Our offices
Francenigo headquarter
The historic headquarters of ALF is now a modern facility redesigned with sustainability in mind. Nestled in the residential area of Francenigo, it represents a virtuous example of integration between residential and industrial spaces.
Cordignano headquarted
For over 30 years, the Cordignano facility, located at the foot of the Cansiglio plateau, has been the home of Da Frè furniture. Today, it hosts the Alf DaFrè Showroom and the Sistema Uno, through which every piece of furniture is custom-made.
Francenigo headquarter
Located in Francenigo, the new Valdesign headquarters has been operational since the beginning of 2024 and is the result of a redevelopment project of an area covering over 83,000 square meters.
Flagship Store Milano
Just a few steps from the cathedral, the Flagship Store Alf DaFrè - Valdesign Milano is born. An architectural space where the company's potential is maximized: the furnishings define spaces and rooms, the accessories enrich environments with iconic details. All while respecting the extraordinary context, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere inspired by the tones of the Velasca Tower.