The Alf DaFrè – Valdesign Milano Flagship Store is officially open. An architectural space where the company's potential is fully expressed, creating a warm and welcoming environment, inspired by the shades of the Torre Velasca.

Alf DaFrè and Valdesign propose their own idea of store, freeing itself from the traditional concept of shop and dialoguing with contemporary design. In the present made up of fluid houses in which a single envelope is shaped without traditional diaphragms, the Alf DaFrè – Valdesign modular furnitures become a decorative and functional tool at the service of the designer's creativity.

The Alf DaFrè Flagship Store therefore does not present compositions as an end in themselves, but faces the problem of modeling an architectural space in order to make it a house with its own path, its own functions and its own emotional dimension.

The systems relate to the complements through a color palette, working tone-on-tone, enhancing the different wooden textures and giving color accents that make you emotionally perceive the diversity of the environments.

We thanks our partners:
  • Carpets: GT Design
  • Lighting: Panzeri

Via Rugabella 1, 20122
Milano MI